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Who is Fuanglada ? Interview by Bangkok at Style.

"Karma or not, Fuanglada is the first designer I met this summer in Bangkok and the last one I got to interview only few days before flying back to Paris. As a rough diamond, Sai is an enigmatic, talented and charismatic woman that wouldn’t let anyone dictate her lifestyle as well as her designs." FUANGLADA – TOP CHRONO PORTRAIT Her nickname: Sai, her real name meaning – Bougainvillea –Her personal style: “I do whatever I want – Not disturbing anyone”Her favourite food: Green curry and Tum YamHer favourite fruit: WatermelonThe flowers to put on her desk: HydrangeasThe singer she can’t get enough when drawing: Lana Del ReyHer perfume: HermèsA spot to go for drinks with friends in BKK: Above ElevenThe artist inspiring her:...

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Janfive Studio partner in crimes ! by Stellar Balcony

"What a marvelous feeling to take a deep breathe from a higher place. Where the air is fresher and the glass is greener.  I’m an outdoor person, whenever I have time on weekend, I would find a new place to hike. It’s a good way to take a break from mundane routine. Put your adventurous hat on, and discover in the beauty of nature [...] so let me share to you essential things we should bring in the outdoor trip like this.  Small compact bag: I’m obsessed with my petite JANFIVE bucket bag! JANFIVE Studio is my favorite Thai designer for bag so far! I carried this bag around the States all the time and so proud say every time someone asked that it made from...

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BIFF&BIL 2016: Catching the Creative Spirit Tour. Review by Stellar Balcony

"Before coming to BIFF & BIL event, I have no idea that this is the place to find many talented Thai designers from 800 brands around the country and SEA!! " [...] "Highly sophisticated pattern and high-quality material that embraces a spiritual touch of in the shade of white and blue, born a prestige bag from Janfive studio. When we first saw the bag, we immediately fell in love with it. This latest collection, Le chant des sirenes inspired by the beautiful Andaman Ocean. Sensible yet delicate shade of blues pattern is neatly drawn by hand our designer, Fuanglada who brings life into the fabric. This easily becomes my favorite brands." Stellar Balcony. Check out the full review on her Blog.

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