Who is Fuanglada ? Interview by Bangkok at Style.

"Karma or not, Fuanglada is the first designer I met this summer in Bangkok and the last one I got to interview only few days before flying back to Paris. As a rough diamond, Sai is an enigmatic, talented and charismatic woman that wouldn’t let anyone dictate her lifestyle as well as her designs."


Her nickname: Sai, her real name meaning – Bougainvillea
Her personal style: “I do whatever I want – Not disturbing anyone”
Her favourite food: Green curry and Tum Yam
Her favourite fruit: Watermelon
The flowers to put on her desk: Hydrangeas
The singer she can’t get enough when drawing: Lana Del Rey
Her perfume: Hermès
A spot to go for drinks with friends in BKK: Above Eleven
The artist inspiring her: Frida Kahlo
The topmodel she follows: Miranda Kerr
She would leave BKK for: Vietnam or somewhere close to the ocean
The first thing she does when she wakes up: Check her Instagram account
Some French words she knows: Olala, Exactement
A Thai word to learn: May Chaay (no)

Read the full interview on Bangkok at Style.

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