Who is Fuanglada ? Interview by Bangkok at Style.

"Karma or not, Fuanglada is the first designer I met this summer in Bangkok and the last one I got to interview only few days before flying back to Paris. As a rough diamond, Sai is an enigmatic, talented and charismatic woman that wouldn’t let anyone dictate her lifestyle as well as her designs."


Her nickname: Sai, her real name meaning – Bougainvillea
Her personal style: “I do whatever I want – Not disturbing anyone”
Her favourite food: Green curry and Tum Yam
Her favourite fruit: Watermelon
The flowers to put on her desk: Hydrangeas
The singer she can’t get enough when drawing: Lana Del Rey
Her perfume: Hermès
A spot to go for drinks with friends in BKK: Above Eleven
The artist inspiring her: Frida Kahlo
The topmodel she follows: Miranda Kerr
She would leave BKK for: Vietnam or somewhere close to the ocean
The first thing she does when she wakes up: Check her Instagram account
Some French words she knows: Olala, Exactement
A Thai word to learn: May Chaay (no)

Read the full interview on Bangkok at Style.

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  • Informatika

    Could you provide more details about your encounter with Fuanglada, the designer you met in Bangkok, and the subsequent interview you conducted with her? How would you describe her as a person, taking into consideration her enigmatic nature, talent, and charisma? Additionally, how does she assert her independence in both her lifestyle and design approach, reflecting her unique personality and style?
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