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The florality of man

Fuanglada Verdillon is a Thai artist who founded Janfive Studio, which has released a number of simple yet gorgeously patterned artwork and a collection of accessories, as well.

With her signature blue-and-white watercolours and floral design that evoke a feeling of peace and serenity, Fuanglada's meticulous patterns are a sight to behold. Her latest exhibition, "Jardin Botanique" is being held at The Gallery at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G until Apr 30. Guru spoke with the artist about the exhibition, her art and her take on the Bangkok art scene.

Photos: Janfive Studio

Tell us about your exhibition, "Jardin Botanique".

"Jardin Botanique" means Botanical Garden in French. I let the audience into my garden to discover all my sources of inspiration, from the charm of Ming pottery, the colours of Tunisia, the energy of Sicilia, the deep blues of the Andaman Sea and the memory of the tropical rainforests. It is an immersion in nature and culture.

The blue-and-white watercolours is your brand's signature. Is there a reason for these specific colours?

I chose those colours because it reminded me of my hometown: the blue of the sea and sky of southern Thailand. I also chose the blue as it is a peaceful colour, calm but strong, classic but timeless.

Is there a science to making patterns that look good or are pleasing to the eyes, or do you do it by look and feel?

I simply do it by look and feel. Inspiration comes from what I see, what I experience or what others experience.

Aside from pieces of art, you've also designed bags and bow knots. What other items do you want to design?

I want to do home decoration and textile accessories.

What are your views on Bangkok's art scene?

People are more open to art than before. Bangkok hosts many galleries and art exhibitions, but I often find only friends of the artists and art students participating to those events. We need more people on our side and we need buyers if we want to realize our dream of making a living from our art. I wish there were more communication about the art scene in Bangkok and more collaboration among artists to make it thrive more.

Do you have any local artists that you follow and/or admire?

I follow many artists. I like the works of Prateep Kochabua, Sakwut Wisesmanee and Master Charoon Boonsuan.

As an artist, there have probably been times when you wanted to give up or thought that the work you've done won't be accepted well. How do you overcome that kind of thinking?

I wanted to give up many times. You cannot imagine how many pieces of art I have torn. Every time when the storm is gone, I realize there is nothing else I want to do. I want to live for my passion so I kept on going, pushing myself to do better and to find a solution to live for my art.

You've released a colouring book with patterns that you drew yourself. Do you have any plans of releasing another?

Sure. I plan to make a new watercolour book with more colourful elements. I also realized many people want to make patterns and I wish to help them in starting with it.

"Jardin Botanique" can be seen at The Gallery, 36th floor, Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, Silom Road. Feb 15th to April 30th, 2020. Admission is free.



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    What does the term “Jardin Botanique” mean in French, and how does it relate to your creative process and artistic vision? Could you elaborate on how you invite the audience into your personal garden of inspiration, encompassing various influences such as the allure of Ming pottery, the vibrant colors of Tunisia, the dynamic energy of Sicilia, the serene blues of the Andaman Sea, and the nostalgic memories of tropical rainforests? How do these diverse elements come together to create an immersive experience that combines nature and culture?
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