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Janfive Studio & Stellar Balcony

"What a marvelous feeling to take a deep breathe from a higher place.

Where the air is fresher and the glass is greener.

 I’m an outdoor person, whenever I have time on weekend, I would find a new place to hike. It’s a good way to take a break from mundane routine. Put your adventurous hat on, and discover in the beauty of nature [...] so let me share to you essential things we should bring in the outdoor trip like this. 

Small compact bag: I’m obsessed with my petite JANFIVE bucket bag! JANFIVE Studio is my favorite Thai designer for bag so far! I carried this bag around the States all the time and so proud say every time someone asked that it made from Thai designer! If you guys haven’t heard about this brand yet, you should definitely check out! First thing that got me hook on this bag is its beautiful, eye-catching blue pattern. I love its iconic shades of blue that appears in most of her collections. My favorite collection is LE CHANT DES SIRENES or the sirens song, taking us to endless big blue oceans of Andaman and Similan. I surprisingly found that it goes so well with most of the outfits I wear no matter I wear dark or light color. What I absolutely love about this Similan bucket bag is it’s absolutely light! I can walk all day with this bag without hurting my back. It is my number one choice when I’m on duty and want to be active!"

Stellar Balcony.

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    What makes the petite JANFIVE bucket bag your obsession, and why do you consider JANFIVE Studio as your favorite Thai designer for bags? How did carrying this bag around the United States make you proud to mention that it was created by a Thai designer? Could you elaborate on the captivating blue pattern that initially attracted you to the bag and its presence in most of the designer’s collections? Among those collections, why is LE CHANT DES SIRENES, or the sirens song, your favorite? How does it evoke the endless blue oceans of the Andaman and Similan islands? Additionally, what is unique about the Similan bucket bag that makes it your go-to choice, especially in terms of its lightweight design and its ability to complement your outfits, regardless of the color scheme? Finally, how does this bag enhance your mobility and comfort, particularly during your active duties?
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